Equipment List

SMT Line

Model Desription Qty
Dek 248 Screen Printer with Optical Vision Alignment 2
Yamaha YV100 II Full Vision Chip Mounter and I/C Placer with 0.5 Fine Pitch Optical Vision 2
Yamaha YV100XT Ultra-high-speed Chip mounter with 2 rows of 8 in-line Multi Head 1
Yamaha YV100 X Full Vision Chip Mounter and I/C Placer 1
Yamaha YV180 XG Ultra-high speed chip shooter and I/C Placer With 0.4 Fine Pitch 1
Heller 1707EXL Hot Air Convection Reflow Oven  2
Yamaha  YV100XG High-Speed ,High precision,general-purpose mounter with flying nozzles 1

Conventional Line

Model Desription Qty
Solbot DL Double Wave Solder Machine With non-Clean Spray Fluxer 1
Custom Baking Oven 1
Hakko / JBC Rework Station 2
Casting C300 Wire Stripper 1
Haiyos Torque Driver 15
MircoLite FL1000 Video Vision Stereoscope 1
Marconi Videojet Inkjet Printer 1