Our Services

MEZHI manufacturing methodology is central to supporting high mix manufacturing accustomed to frequent and intense customer interface. While typical high-volume manufacturing companies use long high-volume runs to recover costs incurred in the initial set-up for the manufacturing process, our high mix manufacturing technique focuses on parallel processing and set-up reductions in order to reduce initial set-up costs. Typical production orders range in size from 100-1000 boards per month.  But nevertheless, we have the capacity to produce up to 50,000 boards per month on our SMT lines. 

Value Analysis / Value Engineering

We also involve in customers' board design by providing design for manufacturing reviews. These reviews engage our engineering personnelís with our customers early in the design process to reduce variation, cost and complexity to assist its customers in getting their product to market.

Prototype Manufacturing Services  

We specialize in quick-turn manufacturing and prototype services that provide customers with 72-hours to 10-day turnaround times. This provides service solution with a high degree of flexibility and customer service. Our strong relationship with our tooling, equipment and material suppliers help to provide a fast turnaround for our customers.